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A Customizable Lemmy Client for iOS

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What is Mlem?

Mlem is a client for Lemmy, a Reddit-esque, open-source link aggregator. With Mlem, you can effortlessly participate in the conversation across all Lemmy servers.

Why Use Mlem?

Mlem is the first native SwiftUI Lemmy client on the AppStore. It feels right at home on your iPhone (and soon iPad and Mac). With tons of options for customizing your your experience.

Want to chat about Mlem?

You can discuss and ask questions about Mlem at the community on

Live chat in our Matrix chat room.


Mlem is fully open-source, licensed under GPL 3.0 with an addendum for compliance with the Apple App Store. See LICENSE for details.

We accept pull requests and have love external contributions. Are we missing a feature, let us know on our Issue Tracker.

Don’t want to deal with the AppStore or TestFlight? Download the code and install the latest build for yourself.


Mlem supports any iPhone running iOS 16 and later.

The Mlem Group

Other Contributors

We love community contributions, check out our github page for the other developers who have helped make this app possible.